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New collaboration with ONA Therapeutics - Welcome Pol!

We welcome Pol Martín Chulio to the team! He will be pursuing an industrial PhD in collaboration with the thriving biotech company ONA Therapeutics, co-supervised with Dr. Salvador Guardiola. He will be working on developing chemogenetic activation strategies for full-length antibodies.

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Ryan Katelyn
Ryan Katelyn
hace 6 días

Regarding the creative studies and developments that you will bring to the sector, we are looking forward to seeing them. Best of luck on this path that has so much promise! baldi's basics


Curtis Armstrong
Curtis Armstrong
Jul 01

We look forward to seeing the innovative research and advancements you'll bring to the field. Best of luck on this promising journey! Scratch Geometry Dash


Memozi Liza
Memozi Liza
Jun 12

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