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A new site-specific antibody masking method is out!

Actualizado: 22 dic 2023

R Lucchi, M Lucana, M Escobar-Rosales, C Díaz-Perlas, B Oller-Salvia. Site-specific antibody masking enables conditional activation with different stimuli. New Biotechnology. 2023, 78, 76-83.

We describe a new strategy to render antibodies conditionally active via site-specific conjugation of a small polymer near the paratope. We applied this versatile approach to mask a single chain variable fragment (scFv) against cancer stem cells.

Congratulations to Roberta (Beba) Lucchi for her first authored experimental paper, as well as to Maria C. Lucana, Montserrat Escobar, Cristina Díaz and Benjamí Oller, who also participated in the study.

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